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This section pretends to be a directory, as complete as possible, of the flea markets from cities worldwide where collector's items can be found. It is thought mainly for those collector who travel to other cities, in their countries or abroad, where they can have the chance to spend several hours enjoying walking around a flea market where interesting items can be found.

We establish two main kinds of flea markets:
- S: Specialized. The main trade is collector's items.
- N: Not specialized. All kinds of items are sold (mainly 2nd. hand items), but collector's items can be found too.


We would greatly thank and welcome any contribution from our visitors to enlarge this directory. It does not matter what country or city it is in; if you know a flea market where collector's items are sold which is not listed in this directory, please e-mail us with the following data, and we will include your name and e-mail in the collaborators' list:

- Name of the flea market (local and translated language if possible).

- Place (street, square, district...) and, if possible, how to get there, as detailed as possible.

- City/town, province/state and country.

- Day(s) of the week it is held in and timetable.

- If it is specialized or not.

- What can be found in it.

- Your opinion about it (excellent, very good, not too bad, modest...)

- Other interesting information.